Terms and conditions


1. Common

Fleetbook.fi is the marketplace for the product software product Fleetbook (Company: Armamentum Oy, hereinafter “the Company”). These terms and conditions apply in the commercial relationship between the customers and the software brand Fleetbook (Armamentum Oy, company, Fleetbook, Software). Terms and conditions are subject to change and update without notice. Orders are always subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of ordering. The company may also have other products, software and brands.

With regard to customer data and their use, the models in accordance with the company’s data protection report, Finnish and EU legislation, and the company’s terms of use are followed.

The company’s products are mainly intended for the corporate sector. In trade relations, the terms of the agreement and otherwise the Finnish Trade Act are primarily observed. If the customer is a consumer, Finnish and EU legislation applicable to consumer trade is complied with.

By using the software, you express your acceptance of these terms and conditions in their entirety. Primarily the terms of the contract are observed, and secondarily other terms (terms of use).

2. Concepts

Company: Armamentum Oy

Software, product: Fleetbook

Customer: the company using the software and / or the designated user

External User: Customer’s partner, subcontractor and / or user designated by them

3. Sopimussuhteen syntyminen ja hinnoittelu

Asiakkaan sopimussuhde katsotaan syntyneen, kun asiakas alkaa käyttämään ohjelmistoa ja rekisteröityy palveluun. Asiakas on myös tällöin velvollinen tutustumaan näihin sopimusehtoihin, ja muihin yhtiön ehtoihin (käyttöehdot, tietosuojaseloste, hinnasto, muut ehdot). Kulloinkin voimassa olevat hinnat löytyvät yhtiön nettisivuilta. Aiemmin käytetyt hinnat muutetaan uusituille hinnoille 1 kk viiveellä. Asiakas maksaa ohjelmistopalvelusta voimassa olevan hinnoittelun mukaisesti. Maksun perusteena on kuukausimaksu, joka määräytyy kuukausittain järjestelmässä olevan kaluston määrän mukaisesti. Hintoihin lisätään aina voimassa olevat verot (arvonlisävero) sekä muut viranomaismaksut.

Maksu suoritetaan korttimaksuna, ellei sovita erillisestä laskutuksesta. Laskutuksesta peritään erillinen laskutuslisä.

Palvelun käyttäminen edellyttää rekisteröitymistä ja siihen liittyvien tietojen luovuttamista palveluun. Rekisteröitymisen yhteydessä saatavia tunnuksia ei saa luovuttaa muille. Rekisteröitymällä käyttäjä hyväksyy tietojen tallentamisen yhtiön tarpeisiin tietosuojaselosteen mukaan.

Lisäpalveluista (esim. ulkoistettu kalustonhallinta) ja niiden hinnoittelusta sovitaan aina erikseen.

Yhtiö voi laskuttaa toiminnan käyttöönottoon ja ohjaamiseen liittyvistä kuluista ja korvauksista erikseen (pl. normaali kohtuullinen opastus).

4. Delivery, Use and Limitations of the Service

The software will be delivered to the customer, which the customer will start using in accordance with the company’s software instructions. The customer has a significant impact on the functionality and benefits of the software through its own operations and quality.

It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain adequate connections, machines, equipment, and other necessary software (e.g., spreadsheets) to use the software. The software also uses programs and connections from other services, so these must be enabled for all features of the software to work best. The Software uses proxy cloud services that are subject to the terms of the proxy cloud provider.

The customer can add as many personal users and external users related to their own operations as they wish. The customer is obliged to instruct his own personnel and external users on the use and related matters. The company provides guidance on use at the beginning of the customer relationship and also later during the contractual relationship.

Digital data is the customer’s responsibility. The company is responsible for the recording in cooperation with its own partner (Google, Tecinspire), in accordance with the terms of Google and partners in force at the time.

You may not copy or modify the software. The Software may not be sold, rented or transferred for commercial purposes. In acquisitions, the transfer of software must be agreed separately.

The software is constantly evolving and as a result the software is subject to change without notice.

The separate terms of use of the service must be read carefully and you agree to act in accordance with them.

5. Responsibilities and force majeure

Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for any damage, loss, delay, or loss of revenue to Customer’s business, even if Customer invokes the use of the Software. This limitation of liability also applies to third parties. The digital software and the potential benefits and damages of the data contained in it are always the sole responsibility of the customer.

The company is not obliged to perform the contract if there is a force majeure obstacle to its implementation that cannot be reasonably overcome. Such an obstacle may be, for example, the customer’s weak line connections or other capacity problems.

6. Intellectual property rights / contractual restrictions at a general level in terms of information and rights

The copyright and intellectual property rights in the Software are the sole property of the Company and will not be transferred to you in any way. You only have the right to use the software to develop your own business. You may not copy or modify the Software in any way or form, or use the information or know-how generated in the contractual relationship for similar or competing activities on behalf of other companies or operators.

Customer is responsible for ensuring that users and third parties designated by Customer are aware of and comply with the obligations of this Agreement with respect to IPR rights, customer and personal information, and confidentiality.

7. Confidentiality

The company and the customer are obliged to keep confidential all matters related to each other’s operations and its business, company-specific information, such as customer contract relations, pricing, and control of operations. Both parties also undertake to process all information related to individuals and companies in accordance with the company’s privacy statement.

8. Complaints

Any complaints must be submitted in writing to fleetbook (at) fleetbook.fi within 10 days.

9. Termination of the Agreement

The contract can be terminated with a notice period of 4 months.

10. Disagreements

Disagreements are always resolved through negotiation and constantly improving the system according to the wishes of the customers.

In case of disagreement, the terms of the contract and other terms of the company, as well as Finnish law, are always followed. If disagreements are not reached through amicable negotiations, the matter will be settled in the Oulu District Court.

11. Right of reference

The company has the primary right, unless otherwise agreed, to use the names of the customers as references.