Fleet management

FLEETBook financially controlled fleet management. Focus above.


Fleet management

FLEETBook financially controlled fleet management. Focus above.



We are convinced that with the right management, Fleetbook will bring significant added value to its user business and thus a competitive advantage in a tight market. This has been our starting point from the beginning. We do everything by combining all the units in your fleet so that you are not tied to any manufacturer or brand in your fleet, we are completely independent of the brands. A company‚Äôs fleet management is one of the most important parts of a manufacturing company, often tying up the majority of its capital and a significant portion of its monthly expenses. This equipment should be carefully cared for and nurtured so that it operates as reliably as possible. This also improves the company’s own productivity and operational reliability for its own customers and authorities. As the fleet works, the rate of return will increase and customer companies will be increasingly ready to expand their customer base. There is also a risk that an obligation, such as a deadline inspection, will be forgotten.

Good fleet management also saves costs. Today, equipment maintenance and repair costs make up a significant portion of equipment life cycle costs. This is also directed at the various monthly contracts of the manufacturers, which most often include a refund of the cost savings. However, with Fleetbook, you control the whole of your fleet, without manufacturers. You will also be able to carefully control the accumulation of monthly contracts for individual manufacturers. And best of all, you’re not tied to any manufacturer’s system, but you can still use them in the future, if you want. The manufacturer’s representative contractor therefore has no need to fear the use of Fleetbook if he has the calculations correctly in the contract. In this case, the use of Fleetbook is beneficial to both parties and strengthens the cooperation model also towards the manufacturer.

Fleetbook combines economy, diligence and fleet management, in terms of company operations, without any commitment to manufacturers. When you use Fleetbook with care, we are sure that your reduced usage will improve, making you happy with your choice of Fleetbook.


Fleetbook can be used in all production equipment. Production Machinery, Cars, Heavy Equipment, Machinery, Trailers and all their accessories can be taken better control through Fleetbook. The system can be used almost anywhere, on all devices (computers, mobile, tablets) and surfaces can be opened to an almost unlimited number of users. All this easily and from the company’s point of view, from the company’s point of view. All this Fleetbook does cost-effectively and affordably. Fleetbook also frees up time for you and your key personnel to develop activities elsewhere, for example through training. As key personnel and their roles change, Fleetbook ensures a smooth transition from air to bottleneck, with fleet management information directly at the time level for the next person. You have the complete set of your equipment at your disposal at all times, in terms of finances and overall management. This will also make your decision-making easier, switching, refurbishing and even determining the profitability of the industry will be significantly easier in terms of decision-making.

At Fleetbook, an important value for us is customer satisfaction and the fact that we can add value to the customer for his or her own operations. We are also ready for company-specific specifications, the desire to meet customer expectations is our heart’s desire.

Ease of use, almost limitless interface possibilities combined with our unique logic and analytics will bring you a lot of good.

The best benefits

With Fleetbook, you manage your stock so that it is productive at the best possible utilization rate in productive work. The inventory of your equipment will remain under the control of the assembler, the responsibilities of the authorities will be maintained and the information will be stored in a reliable manner and with certainty. You can also use Fleetbook to help with work supervision, this is guaranteed by our smooth messaging service, whose messages are stored for a long time. My fleetbook makes decision-making easier, and above all, anticipation. Fleetbook is also almost limitless, we can arrange your company’s Fleetbook connections for your own partners. Fleetbook is a good guy even in the event of an accident, with the help of messages and pictures, documenting situations is easy and always accessible with everything.

With the help of Fleetbook you manage your fleet with high quality: -age -economy -costs -inspections and other obligations -damages -messages between different parties -different alarm limits.


As your fleet improves and maintenance is more focused on the essentials at the right times, this will reduce wastage on fleet. In this way, you, together with FLEETBook, will improve the well-being of the planet for your part and reduce CO2 emissions. A common future responsibly is a matter for all of us.

Reliable data management

We retain all of your information and messages in accordance with the attributes of the FLEETBook, for years and in some cases up to 10 years.

In this way, we make sure that the information you need is stored and can be easily found for years to come.